Optigen svarrapport - Chili

Registered Name: Montillac's Madrugada

Registration #: N043398/10

Tattoo/Chip #: 578098100300538

Call Name: Chilli


Breed: Moyen Poodle (Klein Poodle)

Date of Birth: May 28, 2010

Gender: Female


Optigen Accession #: 11-6341



Test Performed: prcd Mutation Test for PRA


Sample Type: Blood


Test Results: Genotype of your dog is NORMAL/CLEAR.

Risk for developing prcd-PRA: This dog will never develop the prcd form of PRA (progressive rod-cone degeneration form of Progressive Retinal Atrophy). 

Significance for breeding: Genetically Normal/Clear dogs can be bred to any dog and will produce no pups affected with the prcd form of PRA.


This interpretation is based on the test result of the DNA test for the specific mutation identified as causing the prcd form of PRA in Moyen Poodle (Klein Poodle)s as of the date on this report.


For further information, please consult the OptiGen website at www.optigen.com.


Note: The use of this test is patent protected and licensed to OptiGen.  See http://www.optigen.com/opt9_patent.html for details.







International DNA Based Genetic Database: To register this result with OFA, make a copy, sign below, mail WITH FEE, to OFA, 2300 E. Nifong Blvd, Columbia, MO 65201-3856 or FAX to 573-875-5073. www.offa.org I hereby certify that the sample submitted was of the animal described on this application. I authorize the OFA to release all information on the test results thus placing the results in the public domain and I hereby release OFA from any and all liability associated with the release of test information.


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